EGING PV has opened up another new overseas market
2023-04-04 16:25:58

On March 30th, all photovoltaic modules exported from EGING PV to Uzbekistan have been delivered. In recent years, EGING PV has always adhered to the globalization strategy, further improved the quality and efficiency of the company's operations, continuously explored overseas high-end markets, and wrote a new chapter development.


This export is for the Tashkent Distributed Photovoltaic Grid Connection Project in Uzbekistan, with a total capacity of 6MW. In addition to photovoltaic modules, it also includes supporting inverters and cables. This is also the first one-stop service provided by EGING PV to overseas customers for the overall photovoltaic system installation package. 


This new production and delivery for this export were completed within 2 weeks. Due to the tight installation time of this project, some of the goods were delivered by air from Pudong International Airport and have fully arrived at present, in order to meet customer's initial installation time requirements. Part of the goods are expected to arrive in Uzbekistan by water after 30 days, effectively reducing overall transportation costs. EGING PV delivered the goods within the agreed time successfully and won the trust and affirmation for the customers.


In the future, EGING PV will continue to play own advantages, contribute to development and utilization of new energy worldwide, continue to provide the most reliable clean energy, and help achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality!