The installation progress of EGING PV 18MW BIPV project has achieved 30% in only 12 days
2023-10-10 13:45:42

According to the latest project news on October 8, 2023, the installation progress of EGING PV 18MW BIPV project has achieved 30% in only 12 days .This 18MW BIPV project is an industrial and commercial rooftop photovoltaics project which is located in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province.

In order to perfectly integrate solar photovoltaic modules with buildings, EGING PV has launched a special BIPV solution called Star Roof series and used in this 18MW BIPV project.The installation area of this project is about 100,000 square meters,all modules are installed on the top of the factory building at the EGING PVs Chuzhou production base. It is currently a large-scale power plant project in the industrial and commercial rooftops.

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18MW BIPV Project Site (1)

Compared with the common installation of PV modules with traditional color steel tiles,the integrated galvanized aluminum magnesium material has high strength and corrosion resistance characteristics. 360°standing seams can fundamentally prevent water leakage.The T-shaped raised surface featured with a larger contact surface and safer installation can share surface stress of modules and keep the structure stabler. The double-sided self-locking design is featured with the super strong load resistance.The rail free and quick installation design is adopted to greatly reduce labor intensity in the construction process, save support and labor costs, and achieve efficient construction.Having the same service life as the modules, and reducing the cost of replacing metal roofs during the service life.The modules are laid more tightly, the installed capacity increases by 15% to 30% under the same roof area, and roof resources are fully utilized.

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18MW BIPV Project Site (2)

After the completion of the 18 MW BIPV project, it is expected that the average annual power generation of the entire project to be 21.067 million kilowatt hours, which can save 8,426 tons of standard coal, reduce the emission of 21,004 tons of CO2, and 202 tons of SO2.


Simulated Aerial View of EGING PV Chuzhou Production Base

In the future, EGING PV will play a greater and more significant role in the transformation of energy structure, making buildings more beautiful, enterprises more efficient, and the world greener.