EGING PV shine in KEY ENERGY2024
2024-03-01 17:30:18

KEY - The Energy Transition Expo is the most important European event dedicated to technologies, services, integrated solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energies in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, the place to highlight the acceleration of energy and climate policies and the opportunities opening up in the market.


At a time when product technology is constantly evolving, EGING PV will focus on developing various photovoltaic products to satisfy the needs of all kinds of application scenarios, apply to ground power station, Commercial & industrial and residential roof-top; Providing more efficient, more reliable, And more profitable products to the market.

EGING PV Star-Pro+ series products are designed to meet the needs of the entire industry chain in terms of manufacturing, transportation, system matching and power generation performance. 54 cells and 60 cells module products are the preferable choices of residential and C &I projects, 72 cells monofacial and bifacial module products are suitable for utility scale projects.


As a world-renowned authoritative certification body in the solar energy industry, EUPD Research has a wealth of research experience. Through extensive qualitative and quantitative research, EUPD Research has developed a unique evaluation model that represents the highest level of quality and objectivity, reflecting the end customer's overall perception of products and services through in-depth and rigorous data analysis. Therefore, its award of "Top Brand PV" is also well-known and highly recognized in the international photovoltaic industry. EGING PV got this honorable award during this exhibition.


Besides strengthing traditional European market, EGing PV is also expanding the emerging markets such as Japan, Southeast Asia and Latin America. By 2023, EGING PV has delivered 36GW products worldwide, exporting its products to 52 countries and regions.



With the successful conclusion of the exhibition in Rimini Italy, we are ready to move on to the next stop – solar solutions Amsterdam 2024. This is an international arena full of endless opportunities and challenges, and we look forward to exploring and creating the future with you together!