EGING PV has obtained UL EPD and Italian EPD certification
2024-05-23 10:25:59


Recently, Changzhou EGING PV Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as EGING PV) P type and N type modules have successfully passed UL EPD certification, and achieved  mutual recognition with Italy EPD. This is another international recognition for EGING PV in the field of green energy, and also demonstrates our comprehensive technical strength of more than 20 years of deep cultivation in the pv industry.

What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) honestly reports a product's life cycle assessment in a comprehensive report that is validated by UL Solutions according to international ISO14025 standards. EPD provides buyers with relevant information on the environmental impact of products, such as global warming potential, smog generation, ozone depletion and water pollution.

EPD is a summary of the entire life cycle assessment (LCA) of a product, from material extraction, production, transportation, consumption, through to final disposal. The LCA is formulated according to Product Category Rules (PCR) —— product specific computational requirements and methods confirm consistent data collection and analysis throughout the LCA creation process. As a result, EPD can compare the environmental impact of similar products, helping to improve transparency. After obtaining UL EPD certificate, the company's products have simultaneously completed the registration and release of the Italian EPD platform.  


In addition to the UL EPD and Italian EPD certification, EGING PV is also one of the first national "green factory" enterprises, with a series of certificates issued by CQC, such as "Product green grade Green Leader 3 stars", "Green building materials", "product carbon footprint", EGING PV has always been a trustworthy green energy technology enterprise.

Under the favorable support of national policies, EGING PV takes providing the most reliable clean energy as its mission, providing the world's leading photovoltaic intelligent manufacturing and smart energy solutions as its vision, and comprehensively establishes an environmental management system. Through a combination of measures to reduce their own and upstream and downstream enterprises greenhouse gas emissions. It assesses the impact of each production link on the environment, integrates the concept of green sustainable development into the product life cycle management, to create a green supply ecological chain. 

In the future, EGING PV will continue to focus on new technology, new energy, and new ecology to create a low-carbon green new form of business in the pv industry, and help China actively and prudently promote carbon peak carbon neutrality, accelerate the construction of a green and low-carbon supply chain, and achieve green, low-carbon and high-quality development of the industry!